Beneath the Skin

Fresh Fruits has recently moved into its new, purpose-built premises in the Al Aweer Fruit and Vegetable Market. We spoke to Fresh Fruits Chief Engineer to ask him some detailed questions about the operation. 

Good morning, Mr X. It’s a pleasure to be here today to take a tour of Fresh Fruits brand new premises. The first thing that catches the eye, I have to say, has to be its shape. It’s a leaf?
That’s right! When we were looking at designs, we asked our architects to conceptualise a building which encapsulated the nature of who we are as a company—but no one could capture just what we were looking for. In the end, the idea came from us! The leaf embodies the true nature of our business, and is the source of the fruit and vegetables that are at the heart of our industry and success. The elevation of the building is a motif of overlapping leaves—and has already become something of a landmark in the fruit and vegetable market! What’s also pleasing is that we used GGPPS concrete, that passes some of the most stringent environmental regulations for new buildings.

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Fruitia: The Evolution of the Fresh Fruits Brand

I’m joined this morning by Mr X Mansouri, CEO of Fresh Fruits. Mr Mansouri: Fruitia—Fresh Fruits own brand label. What was the idea here?
M: Well, at Fresh Fruits we’ve always been in the business in knowing our suppliers as intimately as possible, so it was only natural that as we expanded our business that we would eventually develop our own premium brand which reflected our values: of delivering only the highest quality produce, and at the best possible prices.

So how is knowing your suppliers an advantage to your brand?
M: It’s simply a matter of choosing the pick of the crop, if you like: we specify exactly what we’re looking for, and decide out of the premium products we source, the very best of type to be packed under the Frutia brand. With suppliers’ brands, there is always the chance that there is not sufficient consistency within a shipment for the level of quality we look for. With knowledge of who supplies us, our shippers, and doing our own packing, any doubt is eliminated. It allows us to focus on the very strictest of guidelines, and be able to guarantee a level of quality that we think is hard to beat anywhere. It allows us to unify the products we supply as Fruitia, giving us a real edge in the market, and placing us squarely as a reliable supplier of quality and freshness both with our customers, and the general public who go on to consume them.

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