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“Sweet, sensuous and delicious”

The last banana that was eaten was probably a Cavendish. Accounting for over 90% of the world banana market, these yellow dessert bananas are universal.

Sweet, sensuous and delicious, they are the fourth largest food crop in the world, and are always at home on the dining table. But the Cavendish, these days grown mainly in the Philippines, while popular, is only one of the many varieties Fresh Fruits offers. Manzanos, with the subtlest hints of strawberries and apples, offer a unique sweetness. Consider Red bananas, from India the Kerala banana with its unique sweet firmness that sets it apart. Add to this the ‘Ice Cream’ banana with its faintly blue skin and gorgeous creamy texture and the Burro banana from Central America with its square shape and zesty lemon flavour and you have some idea of this wonderful fruit’s variety. But bananas are not just for dessert. We also offer a range of plantains such as the Sri Lankan green banana or the Guinea Verde, which is a yellow Cavendish cooked as a starchy food. Whatever your customers desire, Fresh Fruits offers a range of quality bananas to satisfy all preferences.