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“scent and flavour that
are redolent of tropical fruit”

Everyone knows the kiwifruit: fuzzy brown skin that hides the bright green luxury of its sweet centre. Varieties include the Hayward, Blake, and Chico. But the kiwi does have alternatives: the golden kiwi, with its smooth bronze skin, is notably different. Its taste and aroma too, differ, with a scent and flavour that are redolent of tropical fruit, and flesh colours that range from bright yellow to verdant green—some even with a red centre, such as the EnzaRed. The latest addition to the family is the baby kiwi, or the ‘kiwiberry’, a small, beautifully formed miniature kiwi with a luscious interior. Originally Chinese, today Fresh Fruits sources kiwifruits from countries as far afield as Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Greece and France.