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Onions & Garlic

“rich depth of flavour to savoury dishes”

Fundamental to so many cuisines, onions and garlic are veritable powerhouses of flavour. Both are pungent when chopped and add a rich depth of flavour to savoury dishes and produce mouth-watering pickles and chutneys. White and brown onions are widely available, as are shallots – for a milder, sweeter taste. Onions have long been venerated – indeed, they were particularly important in Ancient Egypt where their concentric rings were said to symbolize eternal life. Garlic too, has an equally long history – and is full of health benefits as well as flavour boosts. It is not called “the stinking rose” for no reason – as it releases its wonderfully distinctive aroma when handled. Varieties fall within the categories of “hard necked” “soft necked” or “wet”. ‘Pure white’ is the most popular variety and is sourced from China to satisfy the high demand for this ingredient in the U.A.E.