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“delicate taste and honeyed overtones”

There are over 5000 types of this luscious fruit cultivated around the world. And while Fresh Fruits doesn’t promise to bring you all 5000, we do commit to providing the absolute freshest, juiciest and fullest-flavoured for your customers to enjoy. Aptly named ‘butter fruit’, the pear is beloved for its delicate taste and honeyed overtones. The U.A.E.’s most popular variety D’Anjou is brought to you from the U.S.A. and Chile – with a glorious creamy white, aromatic flesh its popularity is undisputed. Two delicious alternatives to D’Anjou that we also promote are the Packham pear from South Africa and the Ya pear from China. The Packham is a cross between the Williams and Bell pears and is a large variety which ripens to a sweet and juicy perfection. The Ya pear is a superb contrast with its subtle tones of rose and pineapple. Whichever you prefer, we can deliver.